Agile-1 Set To Launch New Supplier Data Management Technology – DriveSRM

TORRANCE, CA, March 31, 2015Agile-1 is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the newest addition to its existing suite of services procurement technologies. Delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, DriveSRM is a supplier relationship management tool that solves the challenges companies face in effectively capturing and managing supplier data across their organizations. By collecting and leveraging all supplier-related data in one platform, DriveSRM gives companies greater control, efficiency and visibility to optimize their supply-side activities.

Scheduled for launch in April 2015, DriveSRM delivers key features that set it apart from similar products on the market.

  • The tool’s faster, more streamlined approach to registration quickly on-boards suppliers so they may be engaged by any line of business in the organization.
  • Its robust search engine provides users the ability to search for suppliers against specific criteria or codes, ensuring that only the best suppliers are selected for each engagement.
  • Document expiration warnings ensure that suppliers are up to date on all required certifications, insurances and other requirements, significantly improving compliance.

"Agile-1 has managed suppliers on behalf of our clients for over two decades. During that time we’ve learned that one of the greatest pain points for procurement organizations is making buying decisions in the absence of reliable data," said David Lewis, Senior Vice President for Agile-1. "Our goal was to give clients a tool that solves this issue by providing detailed, real-time information about their entire supply base to facilitate smarter purchasing decisions."

DriveSRM joins Agile-1’s existing portfolio of services procurement technologies which includes solutions for engaging independent contractors and managing statement of work projects. Like its predecessors, the tool is highly flexible and can be customized to support each client’s unique business processes, while at the same time delivering appropriate policy controls to mitigate risks.

"The Agile-1 name is based on our mission to create innovations that help our clients remain agile in a complex, global market," said Peter Carvalho, President of Agile-1. "DriveSRM addresses the critical relationships between a company and its suppliers—an area of significant competitive advantage when managed effectively."

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